About Hygiene

For the sake of health and safety of our guests, we have been taking possible infectious disease measures including basics to disinfect all of the parts which guests may touch, and powerful measures to have the room equipped with 4 devices that can kill bacteria and viruses at a high degree of efficiency.

We will be pleased to welcome you in our private mountain villa in a super-hygiene state.

About Health program

We have “Medical supplement LYPO C vitamin C” in our mini bar menu. It is so-called “Primal Panacea” or “drink infusion”, helping your body absorb more Vitamin C for Infectious disease measures.

In our Ayurveda medicinal herbs garden, we have been growing such natural antivirus agents as olive leaves, echinacea, and holy basil (TULSI in Hindi language). (Note) availability depends on each harvest season.

It has been reported that flu virus infection and other infectious diseases can be prevented by having these decoctions.

In the unlikely event that you feel sick while staying at our villa, we will be ready to provide you one of the best home remedies by making co-use of the above Medical supplement LYPO C Vitamin C and Natural antivirus herbs.