Spacious dining kitchen with dining and counter tables facing the superb mountain scenery

* List of kitchen equipment: Sink, IH cooking heater, refrigerator, oven range, toaster, electric kettle, rice cooker, bowls, tea cups, plates, cutleries, chopsticks, saucepots (big and small), saucepan, flying pans (big and small), rolled egg making pan, cooking bowls (big, medium, and small), sieve baskets (big and small), peeler, kitchen knives, chopping boards, Saibashi (long chopsticks), rice paddle, teapot, ladles, turners, fly tongs, wine opener, can opener, grater, pot gloves, pot plates, trays, dishcloth, coasters, wrapping films, aluminum foils, kitchen papers, wash sponge, and dish cleaner, Outdoor BBQ brazier, portable gas range, iron pot, NESPRESSO DRIP COFFEE, Wine cellar (French, Red/White、Italian Red/White).