Sound facility

We have been pursuing the quality of sounds that our guests can feel in staying. The sounds include silence, natural sounds, and musical instrument performance as well as their effects.

The villa owner is a Shugendo practitioner who occasionally plays “Horagai” or conch shell in an isolated deep mountain, and an instructor of “Shakuhachi” or bamboo flute. In other words, He is a maniac about the sounds and overtone vibrations of Japanese classical musical instruments. Consequently, he came to wish guests to enjoy their favorite music to their heart's content with the best sound facility in the room where no one disturbs them. It must be like a live performance solely for you.

The room is equipped with omnidirectional (dodecahedron) speakers favors by Ryuichi Sakamoto, a worldwide musician. It brings you a marvelous audio experience with your digital sound stocks in your smartphone and PC.