Heritage for the Future movement promoted by NFUAJ

(Village community activity to preserve and grow "sasayuri" or Japanese lily which has become rare nowadays)
Fukano, site of Sasayuri-ann, at Muro of Nara Prefecture offers a beautiful distant view of Kodai mountain range and Aoyama plateau, where has been selected as one of the Japan's best 100 mountain villages. The village community consisting of 36 households faces aging and depopulation problem, but being encouraged by communion with people in urban areas. Realizing preciousness of natural scenery in their home village, they have been promoting conservation of unspoilt landscape of Japanese countryside including "sasayuri"which bloomed naturally in season 30 years ago, but which has become rare nowadays. In 2012, NFUAJ (UNESCO in Japan) has inscribed such their conservation work to the "Heritage for the Future Project List". It is to preserve our local, cultural and natural heritages and to pass them on to the future generations.  ---  Certificate of Heritage for the Future Project List  ---